I am Intento® Pro!

I am new digital therapeutic solution designed to enable Self-Modulated Functional Electrical Stimulation for upper limb rehabilitation after stroke.

What is Self-Modulated Functional Electrical Stimulation?

Self-modulated means that, based on the need for assistance, the patient decides the timing of the stimulation.

I deliver electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the patient's arm. These impulses cause movement by contracting the muscles.

Why is the patient in charge of the stimulation?

Increasing scientific evidence is showing that electrical stimulation is more effective when delivered at the same time as the patient’s voluntary effort to produce a movement.

Why should you use me?

Based on current evidence, the therapy you deliver with me is more effective than standard care.

You can set me up in only 3 minutes so that you can invest your time and energy on the treatment.

You can organize and track your patient's progress easily.
How can you set me up?

The Intento® Pro app enables you to configure the therapy, organize patients, and track progress. Simply.

You can select among a predefined set of 21 movements involving the hand, arm, and shoulder, or create your own.

I assist you in the correct placement of electrodes on the arm and in the configuration of patient-specific parameters. It only takes 3 minutes on average.

All in one place, up-to-date & easy to track.

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What is the evidence behind this therapy?

Converging evidence in the scientific literature shows us that intentionally engaging in movement, and pairing it with electrical stimulation is decisive for motor recovery.

Self-Modulated Functional Electrical Stimulation:

1. Directly contracts the stimulated muscle generating movement. Even in fully paretic limbs.

2. Engages the patient in a voluntary effort to perform a goal-oriented task while delivering paired stimulation.

3. Provides strong afferent sensory feedback to the central nervous system.

Were clinical studies performed?

In a first clinical trial, Self-Modulated Functional Electrical Stimulation produced a significant reduction of impairment in severe, chronic stroke patients as compared to standard care (p < .05).

Patients displayed a 8.5 points average increase in the FMA-UE* scale after 10 sessions of SM-FES.

* FMA-UE, Fugl Meyer Assessment of the Upper Extremity is a widely used measure used to assess the extent of an individual’s impairment. An increase of more than 5 points is considered as indicative of clinically important recovery.
Additional information on clinical studies